"Dr. Ramirez is an extremely honest, thoughtful and a talented surgeon."
    I recommend Dr. Edwin Ramirez to all my friends and family. He is extremely honest, thoughtful and a talented surgeon. I am extremely satisfied with the laparoscopic surgery Dr. Ramirez performed. I had a full hysterectomy (laparoscopic); the incisions are so tiny that I was able to return to work in 2 weeks. The results and procedure far exceeded my expectation. I have to rave regarding Dr. Ramirez bedside manner. Dr. Ramirez has demonstrated that he takes pride in his work and is not in the business just for the money as so many others are. He is a caring and compassionate professional. Dr. Ramirez takes the time to answer all my questions and concerns and make me feel relaxed enough to talk about the hard, embarrassing stuff. The staff is amazing and professional; they go above and beyond to make sure my whole experience was the best one could possibly imagine. His new office is amazing.
    Vicki W.
    "Dr. Ramirez explained everything thoroughly and answered my dozens of questions patiently."
    I had some frightening health problems necessitating seeing Dr. Ramirez and he explained everything thoroughly including what to expect and answered my dozens of questions patiently. Dr. Ramirez has excellent bedside manner!
    Pat C.
    "Dr. Ramirez showed confidence, intelligence and was honest & sincere through the process."
    I would like to give an outstanding recommendation to Dr. Edwin Ramirez for his excellent work and surgery performed. On June 8, 2014, I had to have surgery at Palmdale Regional Hospital to remove my ovary which contained a dermoid cyst and my fallopian tube. Dr. Ramirez showed confidence, intelligence and was honest as well as sincere through the process. He was very professional and exhibited a high standard of quality care. He treated me with great kindness and warmth and had a nice smile that put me at ease. I felt like a human being and not like another statistic entering into surgery. Dr. Ramirez also followed up with me afterwards to give me instructions and information. I highly recommend and respect his work and I am personally thankful for the great care that I received while I was his patient. Good doctors do good work but great doctors do good work with great care and Dr. Ramirez has all the characteristics of a great doctor and much more.
    Ami G.
    "Dr. Ramirez is an exquisite doctor with lots of heart!!"
    Dr. Ed Ramirez is by far one of the most outstanding doctors I have seen. I have seen quite a few doctors. In my opinion, his professional demeanor is unique. I had a couple of unsure health situations. However, Dr. Ramirez weighed all options and his conclusion was the best for me. He doesn't rush into anything or masks an issue and sends you on your merry way and hope for the best. He really does care about one's health. He takes it personal and he makes it a point to move forward with the very best solution. I have personally experienced this under Dr. Ramirez care. It is refreshing to see a doctor that really does care for a patient with lots of heart. He doesn't make me feel like I am just another patient in the waiting room. Dr. Ramirez bed-side manners are top-notch. He is exceptionally thorough, attentive, caring, he is very calm, listens without interrupting and is always positive. He takes his time and I never feel rushed out of his office. However, he understands we all are on tight schedules so he makes every second count. The wait time is almost none. He is knowledgeable and ensures that I leave his office understanding any questions I may have. I feel at ease asking him questions that concern me. He is personable, reliable, a kindred soul. There is no doubt in mind he is hands- down one of the best doctors out there. I consider him an extraordinary brilliant doctor. He is the same way with my daughter who feels comfortable with Dr. Ramirez. I am sure there are other great doctors out there... but I won't gamble mine or my daughter's health by seeing anyone else. I live about two hours away from his office and he is well worth the drive. Last but definitely not least, his staff! Always helpful, always pleasant, very caring, always available. When they say they will take care of something you better believe they do. Never rude, never short. Extremely professional!!! I never feel like I'm bothering any of his staff. His staff...a reflection of Dr. Ramirez.
    Maribel Harms